Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Rocket Scientist wanted!

Our company are looking for the best Delphi and C++ programmers out there. From our website: "Our highly qualified team of developers are looking for new colleagues. If you are an experienced developer looking for a challenging position in an informal organization we would very much like to hear from you." The details about the positions are available here (in Norwegian): "Rocket Scientist" - Borland Delphi / C/C++ So send us an email with your resumé - or tips your favorite Delphi or C++ guru... :) Updated: The job advert is now available in English: http://www.infront.no/pdf/jobad_programmer.pdf


Jim McKeeth said...

Do I need to speak, read or write Norwegian? Do I need to move to, or closer to, Norway?

Hallvard Vassbotn said...

Hi Jim,

>Do I need to speak, read or write Norwegian?

No, English will do fine. We use English for all documentation, comments, requests, bug-reports etc.

We will translate the description to English and add the link to it here shortly.

>Do I need to move to, or closer to, Norway

Yes. The work site is in Oslo, Norway - close to the Norwegian Parliament and Royal Castle... :)

Jim McKeeth said...

> close to the Norwegian Parliament and Royal Castle

Next to the Royal Castle? That would be cool. Don't see many castles here in Idaho. What does it take to get citizenship or work visa in Norway?

Hallvard Vassbotn said...

> What does it take to get citizenship or work visa in Norway?

I've been checking a little. For European Union citizens (EEA area) there are no problems. For others, we have to argue that the person is a specialist that is hard to obtain from within the EEA area:

"For a person to be granted a permit as a specialist it is a requirement that the special expertise is deemed absolutely necessary for the business enterprise, and that the post cannot be filled by domestic labour or labour from the EEA area. "

More info here:
http://www.udi.no/templates/Page.aspx?id=4674I'd encourage anyone who is interested in the position (and think they qualify) to apply. The advertisement have been translated and will be published after being verified.

Petr Vones said...

Remote/contract work isn't probably what you're looking for ?

BTW I haven't seen ".NET" in the ad :-)

Hallvard Vassbotn said...

Hi Petr!

No, its not remote/contract work. We're looking for an on-site employee working in the Oslo office.

We're not using .NET in the production environment - yet. The Delphi position is mainly to work on the Win32 VCL client application and the C++ position is to maintain and new development on the server side - writing native Windows services.

Petr Vones said...

Hi Hallvard,

I see. As for server side applications, I wouldn't start any new development in Win32 anymore. .NET seems to be perfect for windows services (no AVs, no memory leaks in RTL/VCL and so on ;-)

Hallvard Vassbotn said...

We have a large library of debugged, efficient code implementing an infrastructur on which to build services that handle realtime financial traffic and more.

We have no incentive to re-implement that on the .NET platform - and the result would be probably less performant... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hallvard,

Thanks for the heads up.

I wonder if I qualify, so I'm sending in an email query.

Chee Wee.

Alan said...

Hi is this position still available?

I have submitted my resume and have not heard anything back.



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