Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Nordic Delphi meetup groups

Last week I had a very nice meeting and dinner with DevCo’s Nordic representatives Fredrik Haglund (Developer Relations and Evangelist) and Dan Nygren (Account Manager). We had some interesting discussions about everything from nuclear power plants to Delphi and DevCo. These guys are very dedicated and on a mission to make DevCo and Delphi succeed even better than under the Borland umbrella.

One of their goals is to encourage the formation of more technical (and less marketing-speak driven) meetings with and between local Delphi developers in cities throughout the Nordic area. Fredrik has already started a Delphi meetup.com group for Stockholm – they have their next meeting September 14th. In Gothenburg, Magnus Flysjö is running another Delphi group that will have their next meeting September 1st.

As far as I know there are no active Delphi meeting groups in Oslo (or Norway?) for the time being. There has been the (give or take) annual official Delphi launch meetings, but no user-driven events. Once upon a long time ago, there was a smartly named group – NoBUG (for Norwegian Borland User Group) – with their own Usenet group (no.org.nobug.diverse). It was pioneered by our own CTO, Morten Lindeman. To quote from the bottom of this page:

The Norwegian Borland User Group recently announced their formation on several newsgroups. Their aim is to promote and support the Norwegian community of Borland product users. In addition to Borland C++, the group covers Pascal, Delphi, OWL etc. For more information, send an email request to: nobug__at__falcon.no
Alas, it ceased to exist several years ago. If there is enough interest, I’ll be glad to contribute to a new Delphi meetup group in Oslo. You can state your interest in a comment here, or even better by indicating your interest at meetup.com. Now with the upcoming free and inexpensive Turbo Delphi Explorer and Pro versions, it should be easier to get hobbyists and students interested, too.

A quick search reveals that there is some activity to try and start a group in Bergen (by Tom Reiertsen). He has registered the domain ndug.no (Norwegian Delphi User Group). Great initiative, Tom!


Anonymous said...

For that matter, I guess ndug.no could even be a "Nordic Delphi User Group". I've bugged our resident IS guy today and requested a server where we can host the website. I'll try to get something running as soon as possible.

Atle Smelvær said...

I would definately appear at a usergroup in Bergen. I guess it could be possible to get financial support from some of the development firms for this also.

Unknown said...

Hi Tom and Atle,

That's great!

I would recommend that you indicate your interest for a Bergen group here:


This way anyone around Bergen can register and it is easy to see how many potential members there will be in the group.

The corresponding list for Oslo is here:


Other people can start groups in other Nordic cities here:


Anonymous said...

Will these user groups be Delphi only, or will they also be open to users of other Turbo/"DevCo" products?

Unknown said...

We have now started a Oslo Delphi meetup group here:

And the first event will be next Wednesday (September 20th, 2006):

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