Monday, October 24, 2005

I'll be on the 24 Hours of DeXter live audio chat!

Borland's amazing live audio chat, 24 Hours of DeXter, is on as I write this (10:47 Oslo time). You can plug-in and listen to the audio, join the text chat to ask questions (roomkey is "livechat"), and even win prizes if you register your presence! Be sure to tune in around 16:00 Oslo time (15 GMT, 07 AM CA time) when I will join the audio chat:

"Hallvard will talk about his Win32 memory manager clone, and his Win32 record operator overloading example for DeXter. He will also talk about his company's new product, the leading Nordic financial real-time information and trading product, The Online Trader, and how they developed it using native Delphi."

Be sure to /ask some cool questions from the chat window!

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