Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Delphi programmers wanted!

Our company, Infront AS,  is growing fast - both in terms of customers, revenue and employees. We're in the process of expanding our Client Development Team with one or two new persons.

The Company:

  • ~20 persons
  • Fast growing, making profit
  • Realtime financial information and online trading
  • Customers: brokers, banks, institutions, day traders

The Job:

  • Tools: Delphi, Subversion, FogBugz, ScrumWorks
  • ~1 million LOC Win32 GUI client
  • Competitive conditions
  • Current: Win32, ActiveX, ISAPI, HTML, XML
  • Future: Win64, .NET, Silverlight, Ajax, Flash


  • Live in or nearby Oslo (or can move here)
  • Speak, read and write English fluently
  • Experienced developer, Delphi knowledge is a plus, but not an absolute requirement
  • Work efficiently in a team

From our website:

"Our highly qualified team of developers are looking for new colleagues. If you are an experienced developer looking for a challenging position in an informal organization we would very much like to hear from you.

Working at Infront

Infront develops and sells a highly technically advanced software systems for real-time market data and exchange trading, where the combined competence and innovative ability of the employees to solve complex problems is of the greatest value. At Infront, you have the chance to work in an environment where the majority of employees have a high level of education, specialized competence and experience. "

The details about the positions are available here (in Norwegian) and here (in English).

Don't hesitate to send us an email with your resume if you qualify - or tips other people that might be interested! You can also email me at vassbotn [at]

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