Friday, October 28, 2005

Recordings of 24h of DeXter

The recordings of the 24 hours of Dexter sessions are now available in streaming and downloadable mp3 formats. There is a ton of interesting high-quality technical listen material here.

Not totally unbiased, I must recommend my own session where I talk about two samples that will most likely be included on the Delphi 2006 CD (a Delphi7 compatible memory manager, and a TComplex record with operator overloading for Win32), Jon Shemitz' upcoming classic .NET for Delphi programmers book (where I am the technical editor and may end up contributing an Appendix on the Delphi language), and our great products at Infront AS, including The Online Trader™, X-Quote™ and WebBroker On Steroids based WebQuote™ engine.

Other recommended sessions (I haven't heard them all yet) are:

Danny Thorpe - "Danny details the new Delphi compiler enhancements in DeXter, such as records with methods and operator overloading in Win32, and improved function inlining."

Allen Bauer - "Allen discusses the new features of the DeXter IDE."

Pierre Le Riche & John O'Harrow - "Pierre talks about the new memory manager in DeXter. He discusses backward compatibility, the new features, as well as the differences in behavior between the old and new memory managers. He will also give a technical insight into the inner workings of the new memory manager. John discusses the Fastcode project: What it is, who it is, the history behind it, and the contribution that it has made (and continues to make) to Delphi and the Delphi developer community. He also mentions some of the improved runtime library functions that were developed by the Fastcode project and are now incorporated into DeXter."

Chris Hesik & Alastair Fyfe - "Chris and Alastair cover all that is new, improved and cool about the Integrated Debugger for Dexter, including features for both native and managed debugging. They also discuss what C++Builder 6 users can expect from the debugger when moving to Dexter."

But by all means, do check out the other sessions - I'm sure you'll find your own favourites. 
During the interview and live chat I got some questions about where my "stuff and tools" can be downloaded. I might blog more about some of these items later, but you can browse and download several of my tools from Borland's excellent CodeCentral repository.

I'd also recommend reading my The Delphi Magazine articles, including the one in issue 82 about the WOS (WebBroker On Steroids) framework. If you haven't already, do yourself a favour and order the CD with all the back issues - a real gold mine of high-quality information. Most of my articles come with source that can be downloaded for free here.

Let me know if there is any of this stuff you'd like me to blog about.

Monday, October 24, 2005

I'll be on the 24 Hours of DeXter live audio chat!

Borland's amazing live audio chat, 24 Hours of DeXter, is on as I write this (10:47 Oslo time). You can plug-in and listen to the audio, join the text chat to ask questions (roomkey is "livechat"), and even win prizes if you register your presence! Be sure to tune in around 16:00 Oslo time (15 GMT, 07 AM CA time) when I will join the audio chat:

"Hallvard will talk about his Win32 memory manager clone, and his Win32 record operator overloading example for DeXter. He will also talk about his company's new product, the leading Nordic financial real-time information and trading product, The Online Trader, and how they developed it using native Delphi."

Be sure to /ask some cool questions from the chat window!

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