Friday, November 04, 2011

Why no blogging? Alive and kicking :-)

As you may have noticed (or not :), this Blog has been silent since 2008. Several people have asked me recently why I'm not blogging anymore - here is a short explanation.

I was blogging quite actively for a while, but other priorities in my life (family, work, new house, exercising etc) have taken over. There is only so much time.

While I've been silent on the blog for a few years now, I'm still programming in Delphi professionally and I follow the community closely. At work, we have until now decided to stay with Delphi 2007, and I've been lagging behind on digging down into the low-level technical details of newest versions and features.

So there has been less to blog about. Now we're in the process of upgrading to XE2 - and there are regularly issues and points of interest that might spark my interest into blogging again - we'll see....

Also there are many, really good Delphi blogs now - I see less "holes" that needs to be discussed. If I blog, I don't want to blog about topics that others cover well, anyway :-).

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