Friday, November 04, 2011

Why no blogging? Alive and kicking :-)

As you may have noticed (or not :), this Blog has been silent since 2008. Several people have asked me recently why I'm not blogging anymore - here is a short explanation.

I was blogging quite actively for a while, but other priorities in my life (family, work, new house, exercising etc) have taken over. There is only so much time.

While I've been silent on the blog for a few years now, I'm still programming in Delphi professionally and I follow the community closely. At work, we have until now decided to stay with Delphi 2007, and I've been lagging behind on digging down into the low-level technical details of newest versions and features.

So there has been less to blog about. Now we're in the process of upgrading to XE2 - and there are regularly issues and points of interest that might spark my interest into blogging again - we'll see....

Also there are many, really good Delphi blogs now - I see less "holes" that needs to be discussed. If I blog, I don't want to blog about topics that others cover well, anyway :-).


Rodrigo said...

I really hope wich you start bloging again , your deep knowledge of the low level details of delphi like the VMT, interfaces and RTTI as been an unvaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for me and for many delphi developers.

Dan Miser said...

I agree with Rodrigo. You've been missed! :) While I'm not doing Delphi anymore, I still have you on my list and would eagerly read anything you write. But I certainly understand the time factor.

What have you been doing for exercising? Hope things are well otherwise.

devstonez said...

The vacantion should be over now ;) ... I definitelly miss your TDM hacks and all the other goodies...
Here is some "meat" for you: new RTTI, Delphi anonymous methods/clojures, AOP with virtual interceptors, DUnit/TDD considerations, mocks ... :)

wiert said...

It would certainly be very interesting to see new technical info on your blog.

But I totally agree on the way you prioritize. Please continue making the right decisions ;)


Anthony Mills said...

Hope to be seeing more of you then. :)

masonwheeler said...

Hey, it's good to see you're back! As you can probably tell, you've been missed. We're all looking forward to more fun articles. :)

gabr said...

Hallvard! Great to hear from you again!

Lachlan said...

Very pleased to see you're back. I've no doubt you'll find something interesting in the internals of XE2 that hasn't yet been brought to light.

Nick said...

I'm quite delighted at the notion of you blogging about all the crazy cool stuff you can figure out how to do with generics, anonymous methods, etc. ;-)

Chee Meng said...

Welcome back! :)

cODeZ said...

Glad to see you again.

cODeZ said...

Glad to see you again.

Teena Seguin said...

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