Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Delphi 2005 launch in Oslo was a blast!

More than 140 people showed up for a breath-taking demonstration of some of the great new features of Delphi 2005 (yes, that is the official product name). Jason Vokes covered the IDE, Unit tests integration, Error Insight, Help Insight, SyncEdit, Refactoring, ASP.NET, Borland Data Providers, and much more. Henrik Jondell demonstrated ECO II, Database reversing, Model driven development and more.

Yours truly got 15 minutes to show some slides on me, Infront AS, how we use Delphi, the most productivity enhancing new Delphi features and what's new in the Delphi language for D8, D2005 Win32, D2005 .NET and in the future.

You can download my slides and some of the demo code I didn't have time to show here:

John Kaster has uploaded his BorCon Delphi 2005 slides here:

They contain much more detail and cover much more ground (this is were I got some of the future language stuff) - recommended!

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