Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The history of the CodeGear name

A while back, Michael Swindell (Borland CodeGear), posted the story about how the CodeGear name was picked to the delphi.nontech newsgroup. First it was established that Michael had recently bought the domain name codegear.com. Then someone asked:

Can you tell us how much cost you that ?

And Michael's reply was an interesting read of the story behind the name:

one BILLION dollars.... <g> heh... no, actually it was a bargain for several thousand dollars... a great deal IMO.... I was really just blown away that  it was even available for purchase. When I thought of the name, Allen [Bauer -ed] was sitting across the table and I told him, "but of course there's no way the domain will be available"... and sure enough it was. I have go back and research who the original suggestion actually came from, but the name stemmed from one of the names submitted by customers from my Blog post - DelphiGear.... we were browsing thru hundreds of submissions (most were ummm.... how shall I put it... "Intersting" is the word I'm looking for <g>) but I really liked the idea of DelphiGear. Like Climbing Gear or Photo Gear but for Delphi programmers. Of course Delphi in the name is just way too narrow a focus for our new company name, and I just swapped Delphi with Code... and wahlah... there it is :o) funny how those things work sometimes. So thanks to the Delphi developer who submitted DelphiGear as a suggestion - you are a part of history! -m

Thanks for the nice story Michael! And sorry if you intended to blog about this yourself - not intending to steal your thunder! :-)

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