Friday, June 22, 2007

Testing WLW Maps

I've just updated to WLW 1.0 beta 2. It has a number of nice (new and old) features. Last time I tried the Insert Map feature crashed the application, so now I'm going to try again.

To avoid attracting stalkers, I will not post a map of my home, but rather the place where I work, Infront AS:

I can't directly upload images to my account, but I don't know if that is why the Insert Map feature only inserts the "View map" link above. It was easy enough the find the relevant place, although it didn't understand all the addresses I tried.

And it was horriedly slow after I pressed Insert - I thought I had to kill WLW for a while there... ;)

So now you know where I work. Right now its raining, but there is going to be a big, free concert right outside our windows now in about an hour. My daughter (12) is going to join me to see the show - featuring numerous pop- and rock stars (mostly Norwegian). Let's hope the rain slows down by then... ;)

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