Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Are you the Delphi developer we're looking for..? :)

Despite the lack of new posts in this blog, we are very much alive and kicking. Many exciting things have been going on with our company (Infront ASA) - and now we're looking to expand our Delphi development team in Oslo.

Click here to go to the position description

You'll find general info about our company here: Infront Careers

Our main product - the Infront Professional Terminal is described here

IPT Desktop

You will be working on one of the best terminals for financial information and trading in the world - competing head-to-head with the likes of Bloomberg and Refinitiv (née Thomson Reuters). We have a small, but very effective team with some of the most experienced Delphi developers in the world.

Besides having fun kicking the competition, we're having fun Hackathons as well - here is the video we made for the Infront Time Machine.

So what you are you waiting for - if you're a great Delphi developer - send us an application and your CV! :-) 


Larry Hengen said...

Cool looking software. I would buy Sabrina a better microphone though. She sounds like she is in a tunnel, and is harder to hear with the level of the background music.

Unknown said...
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Jim Ferguson said...

I've been coding fintech for 30 years in Turbo Pascal/Delphi for 1000's of traders. Nice to know I'm not alone.

Unknown said...

I do now have a better one ;)

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