Thursday, September 14, 2006

ODC#1: First ever Oslo Delphi Club meeting!

The Oslo Delphi Meetup group has now been created and the first meeting is scheduled to be Wednesday September 20th, at a local pizza place. If you are a Delphi programmer situated in or close to Oslo, make sure you join the group and signup for the meeting.


PS. IMO, the Oslo Delphi group hasn't finalized its name yet. The archetypical English name that uses is The Oslo Delphi Meetup Group. The current Norwegian name is the awkward "Brukergruppen for Delphi i Oslo" (literally "The user group for Delphi in Oslo) and I'm not satisfied with it. Perhaps "Oslo Delphi Club" could be a swifter, more natural name - it works in both Norwegian and English. We'll probably discuss it at the first meeting - be there if you can!

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