Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oslo Delphi Meetup Group started!

We have now started the Oslo Delphi Meetup Group (or "Brukergruppen for Delphi i Oslo" as it is called in Norwegian). If you have a chance to participate in upcoming meetings in Oslo and is interested in Delphi (I assume you are - why else would you be here;)) please sign up as a member here.

Membership is free, but using the site isn't (there is a monthly fee). For the time being DevCo's Fredrik Haglund is the Organizer (and thus the guy paying the bills) while I'm a Assistant Organizer (so I can manage parts of the site).

When we have reached a minimal membership count, we'll try to organize the first actual meeting somewhere in Oslo. Until then, sign up, answer the first Poll and feel free to start threads in the message board with comments, ideas or questions.

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