Friday, November 02, 2007

DN4DP: The Delphi Language Chapter

We have finally come to an end in the long running series of of The Delphi Language Chapter teasers from Jon Shemitz’ .NET 2.0 for Delphi Programmers book.

All the chapter excerpts that I have posted can be seen by clicking on the DN4DP blog label. As a service to our readers, I'm also including a full list of all the post links here.

Classic Delphi and .NET book in the making

Come get a free sample chapter!

.NET 2.0 for Delphi programmers available now

DN4DP#1: Getting classy

DN4DP#2: Protecting your privates

DN4DP#3: Nesting habits

DN4DP#4: Setting new records

DN4DP#5: Redefining the operators

DN4DP#6: Enumerating collections

DN4DP#7: Inlined routines

DN4DP#8: Unicode identifiers

DN4DP#9: Escaping keywords

DN4DP#10: With a little help from your friends

DN4DP#11: The try-finally-Free pattern

DN4DP#12: Record Helpers

DN4DP#13: Overloaded default array properties

DN4DP#14: .NET platform support: Boxing

DN4DP#15: .NET only: Attributes support

DN4DP#16: .NET only: Floating-point semantics

DN4DP#17: .NET only: Multi-unit namespaces

DN4DP#18: .NET only: New array syntax

DN4DP#19: .NET only: Unsafe code

DN4DP#20: .NET only: Multi-cast events

DN4DP#21: .NET only: Undocumented corner

DN4DP#22: .NET only: P/Invoke magic

DN4DP#23: .NET only: Obsolete features

DN4DP#24: .NET vs Win32: Untyped parameters

DN4DP#25: .NET vs Win32: Casting

DN4DP#26: .NET vs Win32: Initialization and finalization

DN4DP#27: .NET vs Win32: Abstract classes

DN4DP#28: .NET vs Win32: Class references

DN4DP#29: .NET vs Win32: Constructors

DN4DP#30: Delphi vs C#


Hope you have enjoyed the series - and that you have bought (or will buy) the book! ;) Jon's book is stuffed with good stuff and is generally a much better read than "mine" chapter.

Note that I do not get any royalties from the book and I highly recommend that you get your own copy – for instance at Amazon.

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