Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Republishing my old The Delphi Magazine articles

As you probably know The Delphi Magazine is no longer in publication. As their web-site indicates the articles and source code repository will only be online for a short while longer, but it is still possible to order the excellent value-for-money 1GB USB stick with all magazine issues and code.

TDM was generally accepted as the best source of technical articles about Delphi and development practices in general. Over the years I submitted and got published almost twenty full articles, in addition to a large number of smaller Delphi tips.

I have now been given permission to republish some of my old articles (thanks, Chris [Frizelle]!). In general I will provide download links to the original PDF files with the article and ZIP files with the code. In addition I will try to write a little about the topic, provide the context of the time, updates and comments.

The list of candidate articles to republish is:

  • YAST: Yet Another Stack Tracer!
  • Hooking Heapcheck
  • The Rise And Fall Of TObject
  • Delphi 4 Bugs And Fixes
  • Slimming The Fat Off Your Apps
  • Knitting Your Own Threads
  • Design Patterns
  • DelayLoading of DLLs
  • Exceptional Stack Tracing
  • BorDebug: Return Of The Giant
  • Speeding Up A Mathematical Expression Parser
  • Tightening The Strings
  • WebBroker On Steroids
  • Building Strings With An Attitude
  • Converting From Interface To Object

Let me know if there is any of these you would like me to prioritize.

Hope you will enjoy them! :-)


Anonymous said...

I've been putting off trying to "Converting From Interface To Object" so that one I'd love to see. :)

Unknown said...

I thought that 'Knitting your own threads' was a good one. I'd put that one pretty high on the list.

Chava GR said...

My choices certainly are:

Design Patterns

but every single piece sounds great!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the "Speeding Up A Mathematical Expression Parser" article :-)

Keep up the excellent work :-)


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